Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Cesar Milan Asks Me For Advice (and other lies).

So it may seem I've been a terrible blogger lately, but that's not totally true.  While I have been super busy caring for a toddler cutting more molars (so much fun.), I've carved out a little time for the Houston Moms blog!

Here's my most recent post.  I am discussing ideas on helping furbabies adjust to a new human baby.  Since we have no shortage of furbabies in the BUB household, I am kinda a pro.  Cesar Milan called me for advice last week, in fact.  Actually, only one of the three previous sentences is true.  I'll let you decide which.

And if you're really feeling stalkerish, check out my intro post on HMB.  Because I'm sure you've totally been missing me around these parts.

Anywho, regardless of my slacker tendencies, I HAVE been busy reading.  Can't wait to share this week's book with you!


Jo said...

aah the joys of a teething toddler ... good luck with that!

Miss Chelsea said...

I can totally picture you and Cesar chatting over coffee

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