Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tailgating With a Toddler

I've mentioned many times over the years that during the fall, we tailgate Texas games in Austin.  It's crazy to me to think back on how things have changed since we first started.  From just a married couple, to me being pregnant, to having a baby at the tailgate- and this year, tailgating with a toddler.

I'll be honest, I wasn't quite sure how things would go.  But I'm also never sure how things will go with a toddler.  Because...well, she's a toddler.

I actually anticipated coming back and writing this beautiful "how to" post on tailgating with a toddler.  But, the truth is...I really have no tips!  Maybe toward the end of the season I'll have more ideas on making it work, but this time we spent most of the tailgate in the motorhome due to heat.  So the secret was toys, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and more toys.

We got into Austin pretty late on Friday, but little bit woke up so we let her socialize a little before putting her to bed.  Despite the grumpy face, she actually was pretty happy and walked up and down Congress for a bit.

We tailgate right in front of the capital.  So this was our view when we arrived Friday night!

Skeeter's grandpa made her chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.  She sat patiently in her tailgating chair...for about 30 seconds, then wanted to walk walk walk!  We walked all the way to the capital building and back!


Kelly said...

I am a Hook em' horns fan myself.

Amber said...

Such a cutie!!! I love her grumpy face, it's adorable :)

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