Friday, September 6, 2013

Book Club!!

Today is Book Club Friday!

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This week I'm sharing...

Here's the synopsis:
 Featuring Sutton Mercer before her tragic death, this stand-alone digital original novella from #1 New York Times bestselling author Sara Shepard is an exciting, must-read companion to the Lying Game series.

Back when she was alive, Sutton kept a million secrets. But how she got together with Thayer is her juiciest one of all. . . .

It's the summer before junior year and Sutton Mercer and her friends rule Hollier High. Then Thayer Vega returns home from soccer camp. In two short months he's gone from being her best friend's scrawny younger brother to a hot soccer god with a major ego—and a bone to pick with the Lying Game girls.

To bring him back down to earth, Sutton's friends convince her to string Thayer along so she can publicly reject him. But as she gets to know the real Thayer, Sutton starts to wonder: Is flirting with Thayer still just a game to her? Or is the queen of the Lying Game lying . . . to herself?


Here are my thoughts:
I read this book immediately after finishing the rest of The Lying Game series.  It was a really short read at only 80 pages, but it was a wonderful look into the real Sutton, while she was alive.  You get to see how she really felt about Thayer and The Lying Game and it's really refreshing.

I definitely recommend reading this one, but only after you finish the rest of the books!

What are you currently reading??


Julie said...

I went to Barnes & Noble on Wednesday for something and noticed that Nora Roberts has another trilogy out like the Boonsboro ones...I'm super excited and as soon as I get one checked out I'll pass it along :)

Katie said...

I downloaded the first two Lying Game books. Hope to read them this weekend!

Sarah E. said...

I'll need to add this to my tbr, I missed it when adding the series :)

Thanks for hosting!

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