Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I Like Big Bows...

...and I cannot lie.

Oh, as if you weren't singing it too.

Disclaimer:  This is my legal mumbo jumbo about how I didn't receive monetary compensation for this post.  I did receive hairbows though.  Freaking cute hairbows.  And they were in return for my honest, unbiased review.  Return to the regular post now, k?

So.  Skeeter likes hair bows.  Like, a lot.  The only thing that really trumps hair bows are shoes.  And it's a really close race.

So when I was contacted by The Hairbow Company, I was like, "heck yes!"  I spent a few minutes perusing their website and questioned how I'd ever lived without them before.  Super adorable bows + insanely good prices.

I expected just a couple bows in the mail to try out.  I was blown away when Skeeter received all this swag:

Beautiful pieces and great quality!

Obviously, I got to work dressing Skeeter up and playing photographer.

These leggings are going to be a huge hit when tailgate season gets here!  Not to mention the Texas orange bows!

This tutu and bow are the cutest things I've ever seen.  And they will make more appearances in pictures, I promise.

Obviously, she had to cook dinner as soon as she got all fancied up.  That's how her momma looks when making dinner, after all.


Chevron.  Seriously.  Need I say more?

As if their prices aren't low enough already, they decided to share a coupon code with my readers!

Code: blondeublonde
10% off

Valid now through 8/20/13
One time use per customer


Julie said...

I think your baby is the only person I know of right now who likes bows. Every other kid I see with it on, it doesn't last. I hope that my kiddo likes them because they have so many cute ones!

jessica said...

OMG Ridiculously adorable!!! I need to place an order with them already. Especially for those football leggings.

And when did she get so big?! Cutest ever :)

daniela said...

So...Skeeter likes bows & shoes? Or Skeeters *mommy* likes bows & shoes? LOL :)

daniela said...

And of course...these are way adorbs! They sent you a tutu! Amazing! I also cook in a tutu, so much in common...

Meg O. said...

YAY!!! I love all the stuff Chelsea sent you!!! I bet she was happy to send the Longhorn stuff too :)

Skeeter looks precious!!!!

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