Thursday, August 15, 2013

DIY: Reupholstered Dining Chairs

A couple years ago, we inherited a gorgeous antique dining set from Mr. BUB's Grandmother.  It was purchased in 1928 in Chicago and is gorgeous.  The chairs needed a little facelift, but we just hadn't found the time to do it until recently.  

After extensive internet research, I decided we should give it a try and save some cash by doing it ourselves.  I'm so glad we did!

Here are the supplies:
(1) Upholstery Stapler
(2) Rolls of foam padding
(2.5) yards of upholstery fabric*
(1) Can spray adhesive
(1) Pair of needlenose pliers
(1) Drill or screwdriver
(1) Pair of scissors

*I found our fabric on sale at Hobby Lobby.  Everywhere I read says you'll need 1.5 yards, but I bought extra just to be on the safe side!

Step One: Remove the seat from the chair base using your drill or screwdriver.

Step Two: Remove the old fabric.

Step Three: If necessary, remove the old padding.  We found that ours was stuffed with hay and what appeared to be horse hair, so I really wanted ours replaced!

Step Four: Measure and cut the foam for new padding.  Using your spray adhesive, attach the padding to the seat.  

Note: One tutorial I read recommended measuring an inch out so you have a little extra padding on the sides.  This didn't work well at all for us.  I ended up trimming it to size.

Step Five (Not Pictured): Begin stapling the fabric around the seat, starting with the edges.  Do the corners last.  Remember that staples can easily be removed if it doesn't look right the first time.  We did a couple "re-dos" ourselves.  Afterward, reattach the seat to the chair and you're done!

Fun Tip: Since we were beginners, I purchased a cheap fabric to practice with the first chair.  Skeeter would've loved the pink polka dots, but Mr. BUB said no way!

All in all, this was a fairly easy project!  In fact, it's got me thinking about reupholstering a wingback chair.  I just don't know if I have what it takes though!  Anyone out there have experience with that?


Dee DeTarsio said...

Awesome job, Heather!! (I'm with Skeeter, too, and love those polka dots!) I've re-upholstered old dining room chairs too, and have a big crush on that super-stapler! Good luck on your next project!

Darby Hawley said...

Look at you! This is awesome! I love the color/print fabric that you chose :-)

jennie said...

Fun!! They're such beautiful chairs that I'm glad you decided to rescue them! Soooooo...what fabric did you end up using?

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

It turned out great!!!

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