Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Life With the BUBs

Well, it's been a week and a half since we started moving...and we're still not done!  If I had to guess, I'd say we're about 90% finished.  We have all of the furniture, so it's basically storage that needs to be emptied at the old house.

The closing on the old house was moved back to mid- July so that buys us a little extra time to get out.  But I'm SO over moving!

To sum up our moving experience, here is a special Life With the BUBs post...


Mr. BUB:  Come on babe, we have a lot left to do!
Me:  Ughhhhh, whose bright idea was it to move anyway?
Mr. BUB:  Um.  Yours.  Definitely yours.

Mr. BUB: We're about 90% done moving!  We'll just need to make another trip this weekend.
Me:  Can't we just hire movers for the rest?
Mr. BUB:  Seriously?

 Mr. BUB:  Why do we have all this crap in storage still?
Me:  Because I didn't want to have a garage sale.
Mr. BUB:  What are we going to do with it all?
Me:  ...have a garage sale...


Jo said...

Sounds like hard work!

Julie said...

haha, I can honestly say I'd be Mr. Bubs in that scenario because my hubby would be tired of it all in a flash. We store stuff at his parents right now and I look at it and I know at least 80% of it we will be getting rid of once we have a bigger place but right now I can't go through it because I'm afraid I will need it!

Kenzie Smith said...

Haha, I just love those conversations!
I always have a blast moving - I'm weird :D

daniela said...

So I'm sure I'm not the first to ask this but...can we have a vlog of these conversations..? ;) lol

onlinephduk said...

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