Thursday, April 11, 2013

Trek Week

I've read the blog Our Sonny Life for longer than I can remember.  Chelsea and I went to Junior High together but lost touch afterwards.  Through Facebook I found her blog and read about her giving birth to her third son, Trek Atlas, in her driveway, which amazed me.  And last year, I was saddened to read about Trek's passing.

Today would've been Trek's 2nd birthday and Chelsea has requested that her friends and family celebrate "Trek Week".  The main point is to celebrate Trek by doing something special for your own children.  

I took this opportunity to give Skeeter her first taste of chocolate in form of a Double Stuffed Oreo.  I mean, it doesn't get much better than that, does it?

For those new to my blog, Skeeter is a girl.  She ran out of outfits at daycare and ended up in one of their outfits!

Oohhh, what's this?


Okay, I like it!

Wait-- I can't have more?
Safe to say, she's a budding chocoholic like her momma.

My prayers are with Chelsea and her family this week.


Dee DeTarsio said...

Sweet post, Heather! And Skeeter is just too cute! ♥

Amber said...

Aww, praying for Chelsea!! I love that they want to honor Trek by doing something for your own kids.

Skeeter looks presh eating that cookie. So yum. Double stuff are the best.

Sara McFall said...

The first Oreo is a picture must!
And she has always had trouble not going through all her day care clothes, hasn't she? Jut wait till she's a teenager and gets dressed 10 times before she's ready. :)

applesandglue said...

Ah baby's first chocolate. Love her reaction to it. :) said...

awww, thank you so much for sharing about sweet Trek and celebrating with us. Thank you Heather <3 so much love, Chelsea

Meghan said...

MMM! Oreos!

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