Thursday, April 25, 2013

This Sunday: March!

I've mentioned before that we're participating in the March for Babies.
Well, the March is almost here!
This Sunday, we'll walk with family, friends, and Skeeter to put an end to prematurity.

The t-shirts have been shipped.
Skeeter's custom outfit is made.
But we're still trying to make it to our fundraising goal!!

My original offer stands- anyone who donates will get their button on my sidebar:

$5 gets you 1 free month advertising.
$10 gets you 2 free months advertising.
$15 gets you 3 free months advertising.
Just click the button below!  You can even use paypal to donate!  It's so easy.


Amber said...

Just donated for Skeeter!!! <3

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