Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Cookoff Recap!!

Last weekend we made the trek to the Texas Hill Country for the annual Easter Cook Off with the in-laws.  To be more specific, we loaded a toddler and two dogs into a small SUV for a 5 hour drive.  We're insane.

Anyway, the drive was totally worth it and Skeeter loved her first cook off!

We took Skeeter down to the river to see the ducks.  She and her daddy were actually staring at the river when I ran over to take this picture, but they both turned around.

She loved 'walking' around the cook off site and being the center of attention.

My father in law bought Skeeter her own tailgating chair.  She was so proud to sit in it and thought she was just so big.

My friend Linden made this adorable Easter outfit for Skeeter.  I had to block out her name on the bottom of the shirt.  She also made a monogrammed top to go with the skirt after Easter.

Also?  Please note the baby jellies on Skeeter's feet.  I die.

We walked over for the Easter egg hunt but they'd started early and we missed Skeeter's age group.  By the time we got there (on time) they were on the 10-12 year old group, and I certainly wasn't going go let my toddler in with that rowdy group.  So we just missed out for this year.

Skeeter (and her daddy) had a blast even without the hunt!!

We had a wonderful weekend.  It was crazy to think back that last Easter we had a tiny baby in NICU and now we have this little girl who is almost walking!

Hold me.  I can't handle this.


applesandglue said...

Aw looks like you guys had a great time, love her in her little tailgaiting chair - too cute!

Amber said...

I wanna meet her! She's such a sweet baby! I love that she got her own tailgate chair. :)

Julie said...

I love love love those kid chairs - I saw some the other day and told my hubby they would be cute and he said maybe when we have a kid, ha! But they'd be cute in a classroom too :)

jessica renee said...

I'm really not a fan of you going out to the hill country and never swinging by SA to meet up!! ;) It looks like a blast and Skeeter is seriously the CUTEST!!! Such a big girl. OMG and the tailgating chair, LOVE. I totally need one for V.

tara said...

these pics are so sweet! love that little nugget of yours!

Meg O. said...

I'm glad y'all had such a fun time!! I love her little pebbles pony tail and her jellies! Looks like a blast!

Jules said...

That’s the cutest picture of skeeter and her daddy looking at you from the pond! Such a daddy’s girl.

Meghan said...

Love that first picture!!

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