Friday, April 12, 2013

Book Club!!

Today is Book Club Friday!

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You can write about any book you want.

I have another wonderful guest poster today!  Emma has linked up for Book Club for as long as I can remember, so I'm thrilled to have her on the blog today!  And I love that she's reviewing a book by Dee DeTarsio!  I can't wait to get my hands on it!

Hi guys! My name is Emma and my little corner of the blog world is Bubblymuppet. Heather asked me to cover her hosting duties today and I'm super excited, so let's jump right in!

This week I read Scent of Jade by Dee DeTarsio and this is almost too perfect because it was Heather who first introduced me to Dee's books!
"Romancing The Stone" meets "Survivor" for Julie Fraser, who was minding her own business, living her life as snug as a bug in a rut in San Diego, California. As the least adventurous person she knows, Julie finally whooped it up one day to jet off and surprise her husband, who was on a business trip in Costa Rica. Reeling from the discovery that her husband wasn't who she thought he was, she accidentally steals an ancient artifact and is chased through the wilds of the rain forest, not knowing where to turn, literally, or whom to trust. She knew she should have stayed home.

Can a monkey, a blonde Juan, a foreign scientist, a mysterious "love potion" and the jade stone itself (that may hold secrets to global warming), help Julie on her mission to find and forgive her husband? (Amazon)

My thoughts:
I'm biased because I'm a Dee DeTarsio fan, but this was another winner for me. I liked the main character, Julie, and was totally on her side throughout the entire book. After her husband does something not so nice, she gets lost in a jungle and ends up getting high with a monkey, you can't help but feel sorry and root for her to find her way back and smack her husband to the ends of the earth.

Blonde Juan was quite intriguing, and I thought the book was going in one direction only to be way off the mark! I was suprised by the twists (man, don't you find it hard to review a book without giving away spoilers?!) and enjoyed the craziness that just kept on coming right up until the very last page! If you're looking for an easy, entertaining beach read this summer, or any other time really, I'd recomend this one!

If you want to read more of my book reviews, click here. Thanks for letting me sub in, Heather, and Happy Friday everyone!

What are you currently reading?


Jo said...

Wow I've never heard of Dee DeTarsio - I'll be adding her to my list of writers to check out.

Dee DeTarsio said...

Dear Emma!

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing The Scent of Jade—I'm so glad you liked it and I'm honored to be part of Book Club Friday! The Scent of Jade is my first "baby" and I had a lot of fun with it!

I hope you all have a great weekend. And fair warning, I have a new novel in the works (All My Restless Life to Live) and will be back to bug you soon!

Thank you again and take care!

Meghan said...

I may have to check this one out! Sounds intriguing!

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