Friday, November 30, 2012

Book Club!!

Today is Book Club Friday!

To link up, all you have to do is grab the button (above) and link up (below)!

You can write about any book you want.

This week, I didn't read anything have a guest post from Myra at The Little Aslam!!
Make her feel welcome, k?
well hey there BUB friends! i'm myra from over at The Little Aslam!

sweet heather handed over the reins to her awesome blog for me for the day to tell y'all about my recent book indulgences.

if you already know me, you know i am book obsessed. if you don't know me, you are welcome to visit my goodreads list where i keep adding more & more books to drown myself in. honestly, iBooks is starting to get a whole heck of a lot of action from me ;)

so here we go!

i've been on a major kick to read practically every YA book i can get my hands on. i don't really know when or why this crazy started, but i am all over it. and so, here's what i read this past week.

Evan Lennox is going nowhere fast. 

She's living with her grandparents after her parents bailed on her, she got kicked out of her posh private school, her ex-boyfriend proved to be the biggest sleaze imaginable, her former best friend is a back-stabber, and her current best friend is stuck in backwoods NJ. To top it all off, one teeny, tiny fire she lit to burn some memories of her ex goes a little out of control and winds up igniting a good piece of a very powerful family's pecan orchard.

Evan lands her pampered behind in court and gets sentenced to community service. Which she knows she deserves. But the hard labor and humiliation may be her undoing.

Until she meets Winchester Youngblood on the site. 
my thoughts:
y'all i really enjoyed this book. it was a little on the long side, but it had a great plot & it makes you really think about how much you'd do and/or give up for the love of your life and your family. basically, it's a perfect YA book. it's got drama, love and of course in my brain i've made both characters SUPER attractive so it makes the story even better ;)
now, join the fun & link up what you've been reading so i can add it to my list too! 
hope y'all have a spectacular friday & an even more awesome weekend.
thanks heather for letting me steal your blog for the day! you're the best <3 
What are you currently reading?


Julie said...

I'm in the same boat as you - I have 3 books here to read and haven't read a one this week!

Have a great weekend!

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