Friday, November 9, 2012

Book Club AND Swap!!

{Part 1} 
Book Swap

Here's how it works:
1.  Sign up.
2.  We'll match you with a partner.
3.  Contact your partner ASAP and discuss your book likes/dislikes.
4.  Send your partner a book.
5.  Link up!

Please purchase a new book for your partner.
Spending limit is $15.
You have the option to select either a hardcopy or e-copy.
Also select whether you're willing to ship internationally.
If you flaked on the last swap, please do not participate in this one.

Important dates:
Friday, November 16- Signups close
Monday, November 19- We'll contact you with your partner's information
Friday, November 30- Must have your books in the mail
Friday, December 7- Link up and share your goods! 

Spread the word.
The more people involved, the better this is!

Leave a comment or email us.

Use the form below to sign up!!

{Part 2}
Book Club

To link up, all you have to do is grab the button (above) and link up (below)!

You can write about any book you want.

What are you currently reading?

Link up below!!


jennie shaw said...

Eeeee!!! I'm so excited! I LOVE book swaps!!

Bubblymuppet said...

Haha, Jennie! I was just about to comment the exact same thing!! Yay, book swap - thanks for hosting, Heather =D

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