Monday, October 1, 2012

What I Said...

You remember this post?

This year, I swore we weren't going to have RedZone anymore.
I told Mr. BUB I was canceling it.
"We have a baby," I said.
"We won't have time," I said.
So what did we do all day yesterday while the baby napped?


I can't complain too guys in football pants?  Yes, please.


 "I won't become a mommy blogger," I said.
And I really have tried to not blog about Skeeter 100% of the time.
Partially for privacy reasons and partially because I want to cover other topics.
But she's just so dang cute.

Let's face it, you want pictures, right?


"We're going to be productive this weekend," I said.
Then it rained all weekend.
And let's face it, cuddling on the couch is a lot more fun than cleaning.
Especially when you have a cuddly, squishy baby.
There I go mentioning her again...



Julie said...

I agree to all that. I found myself watching 4 different football games last night and I'm not even a huge pro fan. Aye ye ye!

Breonna said...

This weekend we were out of town and had to watch the Texans game on regular CBS not on RedZone. And I'm like "why are there so many commercials"?! It was KILLING ME! I'm spoiled. I want RedZone just as much as he does.
Also, when I was pregnant I swore I wouldn't put my kid on the Internet. What do I know. I don't call myself a mommy blogger, because I DO manage to talk about other things from time to time, but I have learned if I don't post a picture of the kid for Wordless Wednesday, people get very upset. lol.

Kenzie Smith said...

Haha this is too funny :D I know what you mean about the last two!

tara said...

i don't know if we can be friends anymore if you're actually enjoying redzone..

Saba said...

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