Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Another snake ended up inside our house.
Inside our house.
A snake.

Luckily, Mr. BUB is the one who discovered it.
Well, really Grayson did.
Mr. BUB saved the serpent.

But that's not really what we're here to discuss.
This is what we're discussing...

How Mr. BUB should have handled the situation:

1.  Dispose of snake.
2.  Never ever tell his wife about said snake.

How Mr. BUB did handle the situation:
1.  Dispose of snake.
2.  Find me.
3.  Begin the following conversation:

Mr. BUB:  You're welcome.
Me (joking):  No, you're welcome.
Mr. BUB:  No really.  You're welcome.
Me:  What for?
Mr. BUB:  There was another snake in the house.
Me (extremely high pitched):  What?!
Mr. BUB:  It was just a little brown snake.  It was really cute.
Me:  Did you just call the snake- inside my house- cute?!



Jo said...

I remember as a kid growing up in South Africa we often found black or green mamba snakes in our house ... here in Belgium however there is only one venomous (non fatal)snake and it avoids contact with humans.

So what I'm saying is move to Belguim -> no snakes in the house.

Abby Purcell said...

No snakes at all in New Zealand :) or anything else poisonous

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

HOOOOOOOOOW did a snake get in your house?! I am terrified of snakes. Not in the way that most people say "terrified" but mean "disgusted/hate". I mean TERRIFIED. I would cry if I found a snake in my house.


Katie said...

Yea, why is it that when I DON'T want my husband to tell me something, he always does, but stuff I'd actually like to know? Not so much. I'll hide my face at gross things on TV, and he'll give me a play by play of what's happening. ???? I was hiding because I don't want to know! Why would you explain it to me anyway??
He'll have an hour long phone conversation with his mom or sister, then hang up and act like it didn't even happen. Hello??? What the hell did you just talk about for an hour??? I'd like to know too! Nothing.

Sarah E. said...

That's crazy. The only thing I'm scared of with snakes is I know they can get in your house through your toilet. Otherwise I like snakes. I used to scare the 6th grade girls with garden snakes when I was in kindergarten. Although I will say, I probably wouldn't have one for a pet (why - they can't cuddle??!) and I don't really like the huge ones.

Sarah said...

Aaaaaah! A SNAKE?! IN THE HOUSE?! I think I'd be moving, like yesterday. It's one thing to see them outside - which is also super scary and not cool at all - but it's something entirely different to see them in your freaking house! No no no. Definitely not cute.

tara said...

THIS IS NOT OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heather said...

Cute?! A Snake?! Absolutely NOT!!!! At least your hubby got it out of the house ASAP!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I would totally freak!

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