Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Fair warning: today's post contains a lot of poop.  Well, talk about poop.  No pictures.  I'm not completely crazy.  And hey, at least I don't mention placenta or something worse, right?

cough mucus plugs cough

So, we're getting super personal today.  It may seem super weird to talk about, but I have a point, so stick with me here.

I was pretty sure Skeeter was getting kicked out of daycare last week.  

Here's why:

Skeeter didn't poop for two weeks.  Fellow moms understand how big of a deal that is.  We had two doctor's visits during that time period.  At the second appointment, we were advised to push prune juice for two more days.

I didn't have any prune juice on me, so I dropped Skeeter off at daycare and went on to work, intending to give her juice afterwards--never expecting our streak to end that day.

I was at work for about 30 minutes when a coworker informed me daycare was on the line, searching for me.  I pick up, in a panic, wondering what was wrong with my baby.

The daycare coordinator said, "Heather, I just sent you a picture.  Check your phone."

Now, at this point, I thought she was sending me a cute picture of my child.  I mean, Skeeter is freaking cute.  I wouldn't blame her.

So I was so so surprised when the picture contained poop.
Two weeks worth of poop.
Seriously.  Ev. Ry. Where.

The daycare coordinator (who is a saint) offered to clean her clothes & carseat.  And I'm already brainstorming Christmas gift ideas for her.  But, really- what do you buy the woman who cleaned that much of your baby's poop?


Jo said...

I want to say diamonds but then again they might just get covered in poop.

Your day-care coordinator is great!

Michelle @ The Vintage Apple said...

Oh. Em. Gee. The joys I get to look forward to in just a few months...thanks, Heather. LOL!!!! Poor little Skeet!!!! I miss her!!!

Julie said...

Makes you smile :) You'll have to give her the world at Christmas!

Sara said...

Glad the streak is over and we have never gone that long!
Yes your day care coordinator is amazing!! Love that she sent you a picture. :)
I'd say a gift card anywhere would be great!! Maybe a salon or spa...

Amber said...

Ahahaha. Poor Skeeter! She had to go! Your daycare lady sounds like a saint, for real!

Cheyla Marie said...

Haha Oh boy! What a nice lady!

Shelley said...

Hahahahaha!!! I love it!! Two weeks is SUCH a long time! I think the longest Em took was like 5 days and I was giving her water, apple juice, prunes, and eventually we just bought a thing of suppositories (sp?) and that worked like a charm when we needed to get things moving!! We only did it like 2-3 times. I recommend it in extreme cases like that!!

Krystal said...

Holy...crap. I have no words!

Kenzie Smith said...

HAHA! It's nice to know she is no longer constipated!

tara said...


Meg O. said...

Ha, love how you threw in mucus plug just for giggles.

Good grief that woman is a saint, for sure. I'm glad you didn't post the picture. LOL

Katie said...

Yep, the daycare lady definitely deserves something awesome! :)

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