Monday, August 27, 2012

Life With the BUBs

{Car Ride Playlists}
Me:  Ohh!  I'm going to play your song.
Mr. BUB:  What's my song?  Worlds Greatest by R Kelly?
Me:  No.
Mr. BUB:  Springsteen?
Me:  Nope!
(Fergalicious starts playing)
Mr. BUB:  This isn't it!  It was Glamorous!

Me: (laughing)
Mr. BUB:  Am I really that funny?
Me:  No.
Mr. BUB:  What?!

Me:  I forgot the bulb syringe.
Mr. BUB:  The what?
Me:  The bulb syringe.
Mr. BUB:  Oh, the booger sucker?
Me:  ...yeah.
Mr. BUB:  Don't get technical with me.  It's called a booger sucker.

Mr. BUB:  Today was an awful day...
Me:  Do wieners on a hot front porch make you feel better?
Mr. BUB:  Um, what?  Are you trying to talk dirty to me, because that's disturbing.
Me:  Wiener DOGS!  Wiener DOGS!


Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

I love that you capture all of these funny conversations on the blog. It must be so fun for you guys to look back on these!

Phil and Darby Hawley said...

I always enjoy these posts!

Micah said...

Thanks for the Monday morning laugh. :)

Katie said...

Ha! It's totally called a booger sucker. I'm with Hubs on that one!
I don't know if my husband has a song, but at least one of my dogs does. It's "I'm Sexy and I Know It" by LMFAO. lol!

Amanda Haney said...

bahahaha. "Are you trying to talk dirty to me?" OMG. Almost fell out of my chair laughing.

Beth said...

The last one had me in tears!

Jessica Renee said...

omg the last one is HILARIOUS!!! I can totally hear Ronnie saying something ridiculous like that and me thinking he was just being a perv. hahaha Y'all are so funny!

Casey said...

I love these little conversations! Thanks for bringing a smile to my face!

Amy Lynn said...

These always make me happy! Booger sucker is right on, used to call it that when I was little. At least he didn't say his song was "My Humps".. :)

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