Monday, June 25, 2012

Book Swap!!

Here's how it works:
1.  Sign up.
2.  We'll match you with a partner.
3.  Contact your partner ASAP and discuss your book likes/dislikes.
4.  Send your partner a book.
5.  Link up!

Please purchase a new book for your partner.
Spending limit is $15.
You have the option to select either a hardcopy or e-copy.
Also select whether you're willing to ship internationally.
If you flaked on the last swap, please do not participate in this one.

Important dates:
Friday, June 29- Signups close
Monday, July 2- We'll contact you with your partner's information
Monday, July 9- Must have your books in the mail
Monday, July 23- Link up and share your goods! 

Spread the word.
The more people involved, the better this is!

Leave a comment or email us.

Use the form below to sign up!!


Sarah Evans said...

I will definitely join in. Is there a button to promote or shall I just pinch the little picture at the top of this post :)


Meg O. said...


Amber said...

I'm so excited! :)

Tiffany said...

I'm so exited about this!! Just realized that even after all of my Friday Book Club participation I wasn't following you! Fixed that now. :)


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