Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I Don't Know How She Does It.

Okay, we're just going to come right out and address the obvious. I'm not a mom. Well, to human children, anyway.  But this topic is something that has often crossed my mind.  I'm already tired at the end of the day.  I have to commute home, care for my furbabies, hit the gym, cook dinner, and it's time for bed.  I really don't know how kids would mix into our lives.

Add in daycare, nap times, boogers, diapers...and I'm already tired thinking about it!

Plus, we all know about me keeping my siblings last spring while my parents were overseas.  I definitely had more than one "I Don't Know How She Does It" moments then!

Did you know...

Luckily, I've never hidden anything in the oven.  Mainly because I'd forget & it would definitely go up in flames the next time I was ready to make dinner!

We all have something that keeps us up at night.  The main thing is finding an activity to get our mind off of life's worries and get a little 'me' time.  I like to read a good book, or get a mani/pedi.

"Eversave surveyed over 700 moms and 35% said they find time for themselves once a month and their preferred way to spend that time is pampering themselves with manicures, pedicures, facials, and other spa treatments."

And now, to the fun stuff...


Eversave is giving one H-Town Blogger the chance to win today's deal:

A manicure & pedicure with paraffin wax for you and 2 friends at Stay Beautiful by Christine!

To enter:
Comment below and tell me what you do to unwind! (1 entry)
Like Eversave on Facebook. (1 entry)
Follow Eversave on Twitter! (1 entry)
Tweet the following (1 entry): 
"#Htownbloggers Today only: enter to win a mani/pedi from @EversaveHOU & @blondeublonde!"

Leave one comment below for all entries!

The giveaway ends at midnight CST tonight!
A winner will be announced tomorrow.

*You do not need to be a member of H-town Bloggers to enter this giveaway.  But the mani/pedi is only good for the Houston salon.


Meg O. said...

Great giveaway! Woo hoo!
-I like to blog to unwind!!
- "Liked" Eversave Houston on Facebook
- Following Eversave on Twitter
- Just tweeted about the giveaway.!/mo_meg/status/113957245632520192

If I win, I'll take you! :)

Lindsey said...

Too bad I don't live in Houston, but this is still an awesome giveaway! I don't know how Mom's do it either. Hence, why I don't want kids until I'm 35. At least.

Myra said...

Wheeeee! I love giveaways!!
- I love to read a good book to unwind :) I generally get all caught up in my imagination and I love it!
- Following EverSave on Twitter
- Liked 'em on FB
- Just tweeted the giveaway too!

Please pick me! Pretty pretty please ;)

Jamie said...

Love this giveaway!
- I agree with Meg O, I blog to unwind.
- Following EverSave on Twitter
- Liked EverSave on Facebook
- Just Tweeted thie giveaway

Can't wait to see who the winner is!

tara said...

I read or blog to unwind! I like eversave on fb and follow on twitter! And I tweeted!

Katie said...

Sad I don't live near Houston! But omg-- I have no idea how these women do it all. I have a hard enough time just trying to keep up with myself!

Ashleigh said...

I would enter if I lived near Houston! It's a great giveaway and needed by a MOM, lol! You would be surprised though- the positives totaly outweigh negatives!

KJJ Houston said...

OMG LURRRRV That this is for Houston girls only! I loved my time with yall at the last brunch for TTR. Im out of town for the next one in CA, but Ill be back!!
I follow you, and EverSave on FB!
Yay give my feet a break from my little love that runs non stop :)

Anna said...

Bummed I'm not an "H-Town blogger" :(

Michelle said...

I like to blog, drink wine, and jog to unwind! I also like to Blip Heather with random games!

I tweeted it!!/TheVintageApple/status/114087021730992128

I follow Eversave on Twitter!

Lil' Woman said...

Wish I lived in there so I could enter :(

But I'll answer anyways...I like some wine, good blogs and great music.

Megan said...

Awwww, fun giveaway! Too bad I don't live there!! I totally agree...I have no idea how moms do it!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Haha I have totally done the pans in the oven trick a few times ;)

Good luck to everyone who enters. I already won Tara's giveaway so I'll give others a chance!

Nichole said...

Uh-yea, I can relate. I want a kid or two but I'm already tired just with hubs and I. I'm pretty sure if we had a kid right now, I'd always look like the chick on the cover of, What Keeps her up at Night?

Wiz said...

I am not in Houston but I totally agree that a pedicure (esp one where wine is served) goes a long way! Kids are wonderful and you will love them more than you can imagine but have your fun now :) You will still have fun afterwards, its just a different kind of fun!

cMe said...

Since I have a newborn now, I unwind by crashing on the couch after she goes to bed!!

cMe said...

I like Eversave on Facebook!

cMe said...

I follow ES on twitter.

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