Thursday, August 4, 2011


One week ago today...
I became an aunt!
Obviously, he is the most beautiful child in the world.
And he's bound to be a genius.
He'll probably find the cure for cancer or something.
I'm sure your child is great too.
But my nephew is the best.

Mr. BUB thinks I have a bit of a baby addiction.
But that's a problem for another day.

I took a shopping trip with my sister-in-law last Saturday.
Not the baby mama.  The other one.

We were in Marshalls' baby section.
The kid obvs needs awesome duds.
I was holding up the cutest onesie & discussing how I need to buy it...
When some stranger squeals,

"Oh my gosh, you're pregnant?!"

Obviously, the following thoughts ran through my head:

'Does this shirt make me look pregnant?'
'Oh yeah, it's probably the baby clothes...'
'Who the heck said that?'
'I'm obviously never wearing this shirt again.'
'Maybe it was the huge lunch I just ate.'
'Wait--why did some random person in Marshalls just ask if I'm knocked up?!'
    I finally located the source of the voice and found one of my sorority sisters.
    She promises that she won't start a rumor that I'm preggers.
    But if one does circulate, I know who to hunt down.

    I finally get to meet the little baby Einstein tomorrow!


    Laura said...

    lol, yes the first thought through my head would be like WTF I'm never eating again.

    Neices and Nephews are the best, So cute. You are aways their favorite cause you spoil them and when they need to be changed or cry you can give them back. :)

    tara said...

    Lolz. My first thought would be to punch her in the face!

    Michelle said...

    LOL @ TARA! Too funny!

    You're going to be such a great aunt! I can't wait to hear more about your first meeting! <3

    Life With Lauren said...

    So happy for you on being an aunt it is wonderful! and all of those things would have gone through my mind too!

    Lindsey said...

    I will die if anyone ever asks me if I'm pregnant. DIE! (Unless of course I actually am) And I am the same way, I feel like my nephew is my child. Obvi, he's the cutest, smartest, funniest, sweetest kid to ever grace this Earth. DUH!

    [SMASH] said...

    Congrats on the new addition to your family! I have several nieces and nephews but they are growing up TOO FAST! :o/ I guess that's to be expected though.

    OMG I would've died if someone asked if I was pregnant. At least if the rumor DOES spread, you know where it started!

    Ashleigh said...

    im with tara-- punch her in the face... and for irony, kick her in the uterus.

    Domesticated-Bliss said...

    AH! I hate that!!! Now you just need to donate whatever you were wearing to Goodwill because now you'll be thinking "Do I look prego??" in this outfit every time you put it on! You should donkey punch that chick for making you self conscious lol!

    Kerbi said...

    Hahaha! I've thrown away perfectly good shirts before just because some idiot asked me if I was preggers when I was wearing them. So excited for you to meet your genius nephew!

    Katie said...

    Hahaha-- too funny!! I don't have any nieces/nephews yet, but I need my brother to have one so I can buy a bunch of cute baby stuff! Lol.

    Ashleigh said...

    i will come back and say congrats on becoming an aunt!!! and it's sweet of you to go shopping for him!

    Meg O. said...

    Yeah, I'd probably go die in a hole somewhere if a stranger said that to me (while NOT pregnant, of course). But that's hilarious nonetheless! Congratulations on being an auntie!

    Meg O. said...

    p.s. You need to get pregnant so my baby has a blogger friend.

    Rebekah said...

    So excited for you to meet your nephew! I'm sure he's just precious! Haha, I would just die if someone asked me that...and I would throw that outfit out!

    Molly said...

    oh goodness...I think I would have wanted to pop any person that said those little words to me {unless really pregnant}. Or you should have "oh my goodness looks like you are too! congrats!" haha. And congrats on being an really is one of the best things ever!

    Shannon said...

    bahaha this is too funny!!

    J said...

    I'm literally lol'ing at my desk!

    Can't wait to hear all about the boy genius! I'm sure he's absolutely adorable!

    Megan said...

    Oh my gosh, how funny!!! I am drawn to baby clothes whenever I shop. It's so creepy and weird considering I have no kids and I'm not shopping for anyone else. I'm just looking and thinking what I would buy if I had a kid. Haha.

    Amber said...

    HAHA! I would've died! Congrats on your baby nephew. I'm sure he came out of the womb asking for you, ya know since he can talk I'm sure! :)

    Lil' Woman said...

    Congrats on your nephew!
    I would have been thinking the same thing if I heard that : )

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