Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Blonde Block Party

It's my turn to host...

We're starting off with...

Hi y'all! I'm Cat from the blog


I'm so excited to be joining the Blonde Block Party and to be sharing with you my must haves for my big move to the Caribbean! When you read this post, I will hopefully have landed safely on the island of Grenada where I will be living for 2.5 years! {You can read about all that jazz here.}

Just like any big trip (or big move), it's tough to decide what to bring and what leave home or donate. Here are a few items that I just can't live without, and I bet you can't either.

First, maxi dresses. Love them. They roll up so small in a suitcase and hide a multitude of sins. Even though school is back in session and the fall decorations are out in stores, don't let that stop you from rocking the summer clothing just a little bit longer!


The second thing I can't live without? Crafts. You better believe I packed a sewing machine, buttons, fabric, beads, jewelry making supplies, scrapbooking supplies, stamps and whatever else I could fit into my bags! Remember even when you travel, bring something you love whether it's a book or the knit sweater you just started making. I love to stay busy with my hands, and I plan on crafting throughout my time in the Caribbean!


Oh, and I bet you can relate to my final must have: Cheap sunglasses. I know I am a total klutz and would lose expensive glasses in the water in a snap. But, this could apply to each and every one of you in daily life!! Sometimes the best things in life really are inexpensive!


Well, that's it for my must haves for the big move! Thanks so much Heather for letting me be a part of today's Blonde Block Party!!


Thank you, Cat!  
Who wants to go visit Cat with me?
Yep.  Just invited myself.
Next up on our list is Michelle!

Hello pretty ladies!   I'm Michelle and you can find me over at ...

I'm so happy to be a part of the Blonde Block Party and I would like to thank you all for reading along!  :)

For this edition of the Blonde Block Party,  I thought I'd share my a few of my summer favorites.

... Favorite Book ...

There's Cake In My Future by Kim Gruenenfelder 
This book is such a fun and quick read! {You can check out my book review here.}

... Favorite Drink ...

... Favorite Summer Item ...

What are some of your favorites this summer? xoxo

Thank you Michelle!
That MaiTai looks amazing!

Of course, I'm Heather from...

I'm thinking of ways to keep cool with the current heat wave we're enduring!
Wouldn't these be so yummy while lounging by the pool?

Click to enlarge

If staying inside is your idea of a good summer, why not Netflix some of your favorite shows?

I love a girl that can fight crime while wearing fabulous shoes.

What do you do for summer fun?


Amanda said...

That frozen fruit pop looks awesome! Reminds me of my childhood when we made our own Popsicles.

Life With Lauren said...

I need those dresses they look so cute and comfy!!!

Katie said...

Oh, the frozen fruit pop looks delish! And I totally agree about cheap sunglasses-- they're the one thing I lose all the time. So, I can't spend more than $20 on a pair!! Haha.

Neely said...

People keep telling me I look like the girl from Covert Affairs

[SMASH] said...

Cool link-up! Digging all those things.

Selina. said...

for me summer fun is epitomised by a pimms and lemonade yum! although that mai tai looks pretty damn good! I wish i had gotten a bit more of a summer here! it rained far too much for my liking :(

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

I'm wearing that Essie color on my toes right now!!

Sam {} said...

LOVE the cute popsicle!! very creative :)
Sam @ fitness food & faith (giveaway today!)

Wiz said...

Love the popsicle! And it looks so easy to make! said...

Hey girl!!! Thanks so much for hosting this week!!! I will catch up with you in a few days!!! Loved everyone elses posts!

Lil' Woman said...

I want to check out that book...I love easy reads :)

Ashley said...

maxi dresses, essie, many amazing things in this post! i don't want summer to end!

Jeannie-JB said...

This is my first visit to Undercover Blonde - loved it. I want to be wearing one of those maxi dresses, sitting on a balcony looking out at blue water (exactly like where Cat is), drinking that frozen drink and reading that awesome looking book!

Great post.

Michelle said...

YAY! Thanks for hosting!

I love maxi dresses! And those fruit popsicles look amazinggg! YUM!

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