Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Texas

Fair warning-- If you're not Texan...
1. I'm sorry, you're obviously missing out.
2.  You may miss some points of this post.

I was introduced to this song this week.
Shout out to J for changing my life. 
I'd heard a lot about the Josh Abbott Band, but hadn't listened yet.
I'm a little obsessed now...

Listening to the lyrics, I've tried to check off the things I've done...
My notes are in purple.

If you haven't climbed up to Enchanted Rock (attempted multiple times)
drank a cold Shiner in Luckenbach (been there)
taken your baby down the Riverwalk (oh, the stories)
then you ain't met my Texas yet

If you haven't floated down the 'ol Frio (the best time!)
heard Red Dirt Music on your radio (obvs)
eaten Coopers down in Llano (haven't done this)
then you ain't met my Texas yet

You haven't been to the Houston rodeo (duh.)
Sang "Carry On" at a Pat Green show (oh yeah)
If you ain't see an Abilene sunset (actually, no)
then you ain't met my Texas yet

If you've never caught a trout in Port A (been every year)
heard the words to Corpus Christi Bay (love it)
never seen fireworks on PK (no)
then you ain't met my Texas yet

Haven't had a kolache when you go through West (nope)
never heard of the Larry Joe Taylor Fest (
think polished pop country crap sounds best (Tx country is best)
then you ain't met my Texas yet

You hadn't been to the Ft Worth Stock Show (yep!)
sang along to Cory Morrow (Nashville Blues!)
if you ain't seen a Hill Country Sunset (my fave)
then you ain't met my Texas yet

Say you haven't hiked through Big Bend (when I was little)
had your hair blown back by a Lubbock wind (yep!)
been somewhere they call you friend (Anywhere in Tx)
then you ain't met my Texas yet

You haven't been to the San Antone Rodeo (actually, no)
sang "Everclear" at a Creager show (the invisible intoxicant)
if you ain't see an El Paso sunset (not yet)
then you ain't met my Texas yet



Neely said...

LOVE THIS! Ive done most of Houston Rodeo for me though...Ft. Worth one tho :)

Katie said...

I've been to the Ft. Worth stock show! But that's about it... Haha. What an awesome song! :)

Jennifer said...

I can check most of that off my Texas Bucket List!
Love that song and especially love this post ~ You are my Texas twin!

Jessica said...

Ahhh thank you for this song!!! Though I've lived in Texas my whole life, there are some I haven't done. Though the kolaches in West-- AMAZING!!! And now to add the rest to my Texas bucket list!

J said...

I'm so glad I could change your life! ;-) I think I may do a post similar to this, so thanks for the inspiration!

Also? You need to make a trip to West to have a kolache, now that will definitely change your life!!

[SMASH] said...

Fantastic song! <3 I love my Texas. And Pat Green!

Jessica Renee said...

Yes! I can't say enough how much I love my Texas! (And now you have me craving a kolache! :)

Miss Lindsay said...

Wahhhhh I wanna be from Texas!!!
Sometimes I regret not going to college there.

Rebecca Kush said...

i love their song "shes like texas"

I'm so happy I just found your blog, your one of my favorite new follows!

Rebecca Kush said...

i love their song "shes like texas"

I'm so happy I just found your blog, your one of my favorite new follows!

Denise said...

I'm not from Texas, but I got here as soon as I could ;-) Isn't that how the saying goes!
Love the Hill Country sunsets too.
Have a great day Heather.

Laura said...

I heard this about a month back and it killed me to wait till this week to actully have it on my ipod. I love it!!! but I am also slightly obsessed with JAB.
and I'm only missing two, fireworks on PK and El Paso sunset...drove through but it was already dark.

Now off to plug my ipod in at work :)

Amanda Faith said...

LOVE Josh Abbott Band! Roger Creagers birthday bash is at Gruene Hall this weekend, he is amazing live. YOU'VE NEVER HEARD OF LARRY JOE TAYLOR!!? AHHHHH girl! If you're a Texas Country fan, you have to attend LJT festival. It's a big 4 day music festival in Stepehenville, Texas (Where Tarleton State U is) Similar to Chili Fest in College Station, but way better. You bring campers or tents, this year I took the boyfriends teepee and tons of Texas Country bands play for 4 straight days. Josh Abbott played his year, Roger Ceager, Randy Rogers, Six Market Blvd, Johnny Cooper.. if you don't know these bands and like Josh Abbott.. look them up. =]

Rebekah said...

Fun! That's so neat you've done so much living there.

Amber said...

I looove this song! God Bless Texas!

Jennifer said...

Hi Heather! I just saw your comment. :) Your blog is adorable. Obviously, my eyes were immediately drawn to the quatrefoil button. I thought, hmm I wonder if she is a Phi Mu. Lo and behold, I go on to read your info & you are!! I'm a current Phi Mu member at FSU. :) So glad you commented on my blog so that I could find yours. LIOB <3

Amanda Faith said...

In reply to what you said on my blog: Thank you. The festival is the last weekend in April every year and you can go to to check it out. ALWAYS A GREAT TIME! Hope you have a great end to your week. =]

ty said...

"Sang "Carry On" at a Pat Green show" ... only like, eleventy billion times :)

Turtles and Pearls said...

Obsessed with Josh Abbott Band! She's Like Texas, I'll Trust You, and Oh Tonight are my favorites! The last one is being included in my post today!!

Kerbi said...

I LOVE this song! Thank you for sharing! An Abilene sunset is like nothing else, so beautiful! I went to college in Abilene! I miss West Texas! When we lived in Waco, the ONLY place to get kolaches was about 15 miles north in West. SO good!

Wiz said...

So I dont think I have done any of these which is why Im not Texan, BUT I am moving to Texas in October so I better get started :)

Sarah Elizabeth said...

thanks for linking up this week!! I love Josh Abbott band..they've got some great songs!! That's awesome that you can relate to so many things in the song :)

tara said...


Alex said...

Ahhh I love that!!

Lindsey said...

Love this song, thanks for sharing! As a Texan, I love this obvi. There are a lot of things I need to do. ha!

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