Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day Recap'm lame.  I completely forgot to take ANY pictures from Memorial Day weekend.  If my lovely in-laws wanted to post theirs to Facebook, I'll totally copy them and share...but until then, I will have to use words alone to describe the awesomeness.

We left work early and made the drive to Port Aransas.  We rented a beach house with my in-laws and that was probably the best idea ever.  Props to my father in law!  

 Here's just some of the food I'm treated to when I'm with my in-laws:
Bacon wrapped scallops- I don't eat seafood and I liked them
Grilled romaine- to. die. for.
Bruschetta- this would be involved in my last meal, if I had to choose
Bacon wrapped chicken- yums!
Breakfast tacos!
Chocolate chip pancakes- as if I even have to say 'yum'.
Bacon wrapped potatoes
S'mores- I wasn't feeling well and missed these.  :(
Sangria- as a Sangria connoisseur, I award my FIL's the "best ever" title
Cherry limeaid- this was a new recipe by my FIL and it was killer!

We spent a lot of time lounging on the beach and catching up.  It was a wonderful, relaxing weekend.


Cori said...

Don't worry; we hardly took any pictures either. We forget we have the camera, then take a lot of pictures of just one event. Oh well - at least we try.

Seriously - all that food sounds amazing! It's making me hungry! haha.

Jamie said...

O'ma Gosh! That sounds like an amazing visit! One question though, do your in-laws accepts guests? With a menu like that...count me in =)

Savanah said...

all that food sounds delish!

andrea n. townsend said...

Oh my gosh, that sounds HEAVENLY! And seriously, you are so lucky and seem to have the greatest in-laws ever. I'm jealoussssss.

Heather said...

It's almost lunch and your full recap of what you ate this past weekend has my stomach growling!! Haha. I lloovvee chocolate chip pancakes, their my favorite thing ever!!!

Neely said...

I love Bruschetta!

Amber said...

Way to go on no pics, hoecake! What kind of recap is this?! ;)

I really want to hang with your FIL & just be fat from all the goodies he cooks up!

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