Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Book Swap!

So it's no secret that I love books.  
There's always a book on my night stand.
Until I finally get my Kindle.  Woohoo!

So when I came across this Book Swap, I didn't even think twice!
It is hosted by Undomestic Chica and Bicoastally.

I was partnered with Lindsay (the Undomestic Chica herself!).
She sent me this book:

Here's the description:
Clare and Marc Elias always planned on having children, so while the birth of their twins comes as no surprise, Clare’s struggle to adapt to motherhood does. When trying to bond with her two infants proves just as difficult as balancing the career she refuses to give up, Clare hires a nanny named Jenna, despite Marc’s protests. Although Jenna is dealing with her own personal drama, she soon gets entangled in the lives of the Elias family as things begin to unravel. In Who Loves You Best, Stimson manages to weave mystery, suspense, romance, and family into one exciting, emotionally honest story. Told in alternating narratives by the central characters, the story overlaps, revealing the different points of view of what is unfolding—it is virtually impossible to know who to trust until the final page. The result is a very suspenseful story about a mother’s love and what being a family ultimately means. 

I can't wait to dive in to this book and hopefully feature it on Book Club Friday!

Thank you, Lindsay for the book!
And thank you both Lindsay and Claire for hosting!


Denise said...

Oh I wish I'd known about the swap, I always have books from my book club reads. I wonder if they will do it again? I like the sound of your book.

undomestic chica said...

Yay! So glad you participated. The linky is now open if you'd like to add this post to it. I'm hoping people will link in and expand their summer reading list :)

Hope you like the book. I thought it was better than the back cover makes it sound.

Heather said...

Dang, I wish I would've known about that swap! Enjoy your book!

Michelle said...

Love the idea of the blogger book swap! Can't wait to hear how the book is! :)

Rebekah said...

I, too, love the idea of a book swap! How fun!

Wanda said...

Cool for you! I have a nook and girl.....I LOVE THAT THING!!!!
It's the best.

New visitor here.

meghan said...

Oh this looks so fun! I wish I hadn't been MIA from the blogger world for the last monthish so that I could have been participating in all of these fun things!!

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