Wednesday, May 11, 2011

10 things.

The gorgeous Amber of Brunch with Amber tagged me in her 10 Favorite Things post!  Now it's my turn to share my faves...

HTown Bloggers!   
I have already had so much fun with these ladies and I can't wait to meet more of them this weekend!  I have also loved laughing at the recent tweets flying around.
    My fur children always keep me on my toes- and laughing.

    Coke Zero
    I am addicted.  
    There has to be some sort of crack-like substance in the recipe.
    I am also dumbfounded by the fact that it's zero calories.
    How is that possible?
    Not complaining, just pondering life's complexities.

    I was already a shopaholic.  
    But y'all have totally made it worse.

    We've discussed this before.
    I cannot/will not function without it.

    Lazy Sunday Afternoons
    I love falling asleep on the couch.
    Hubby snapped this picture of me & furbabies napping a while back.

    The Voice
    I love me some Blake Shelton.
    He tweeted a pic of a marriage license this week.
    I guess he's really going through with this whole wedding thing.

    Both the blog kind and the real life kind.  
    Girlfriends are awesome.

    My family is hilarious.  
    My brother sent me this picture:

    Caption: You've been creeped on.

    The husband
    We tease each other a lot, and bicker some.
    And he just told me I smell like "armadillo poo".
    What the heck?
    But nobody makes me laugh like he does.
    And encourages me to do what I love (see item #4).

    I'm tagging:

    Meg at O is Me
    Michelle at The Vintage Apple


    Ashley said...

    Your blog is adorable! I hopped on over here from Mingle Monday :)

    I love Coke Zero, too, and shopping. I love your Target Tuesdays!

    brynn. said...

    super excited about sunday!!

    and i'm addicted to coke zero, too :)

    Molly said...

    That photo of your brother and the caption, oh my gosh, hilarious!!!!

    I feel the same way about diet dr pepper as you do about coke zero, definitely my weakness! :)

    Savanah said...

    I love that picture of all y'all sleepin on the couch! :)And I love me some Blake Shelton too...

    Rachel said...

    I love this post! I have been such a bad commenter lately, but I've been reading :) first off, I totally and completely agree with the Diet Coke statement...somehow I haven't had a sip of one in almost a year. I still crave it every day! It's got a hold on me. And that pic of your brother is totally something MY brother would do :) Happy Wednesday, friend!

    Meg O. said...

    Love it! Armadillo poo? That's hilarious. Love this post and I am actually going to do this one!

    tara said...

    Excited about the meetup!! :)

    Cori said...

    Haha, your brother's pic made me laugh, just because of the caption!

    I think it is all Coke products that have an addictive substance! I went through a major Vanilla Coke phase in college. It was crazy. I think I actually drank like 4 a day!!
    After the freshman 15 gain and loss, I learned my lesson. Stay away... :{

    andrea n. townsend said...

    This is so fun, lady! I looove it. And thank you for tagging me. :)

    Neely said...

    Great things to love :)

    Celia said...

    so sad i can't make it out to the meet up this weekend. :( i love coke cherry zero!! :) i actually freak out if i am without chapstic. so much so that i will leave work to go buy some. :P furbabies are awesome!

    Amy said...

    Coke Zero wins over Diet Coke any day of the week! #CommentHour

    Jennifer said...

    haha love this post, armadillo poo huh #commenthour

    Counselor Musings said...

    visiting from comment hour! This is a great post, and your blog looks great!

    Handy Man, Crafty Woman said...

    Love your blog! Love Coke 0's sooooo much better than diet coke! Came from the SITS comment hour.

    JDaniel4's Mom said...

    We all nap on Sundays at my house too.

    Ginger said...

    funny post! Great photo of you and your kids. Looks like the perfect day to me!

    Jessica said...

    My husband would have to agree with you about the Chapstick. He can't/won't live without it either. As for #7, we might have to duke it out for Blake Shelton! said...

    Nice countdown. It is really cute!

    Visiting from CommentHour.

    The Reason You Come said...

    #3! I am totally, totally addicted, too! I can go for a day without water, but not without Coke Zero!

    Visiting from #commenthour. :)

    Mellisa Rock said...

    Love this post and coke zero - drinking it while I make my way through #commenthour. Took me forever to give up Dr. Pepper but one taste of coke zero and diet coke can kiss it.

    Carli said...

    Adorable blog! And wonderful post! Love seeing that someone else also lives life surrounded by furbabies! :)

    Branson said...

    A great list! I love lazy afternoons as well :)

    Renee Weatherford said...

    Love the fur-babies & I am totally addicted to Burt's Bees :) Following from #CommentHour

    Amber said...

    Coke Zero, chapstick, napping on the couch, BFFs - these are all my favorites too! Are we twins or something? ;) Love ya!

    Radha said...

    I am so glad that I'm not the only one that's addicted to Chap Stick. Have you gotten to the point where you have three on or around your person at all times, just in case one goes mysteriously AWOL right when you most need it?

    visiting from #commenthour

    Megan said...

    This is so cute!! I absolutely cannot live with chapstick...Burt's Bees to be exact!!

    Miranda said...

    Love the lit! I completely agree with the Coke Zero thing. It is truly amazing. #commenthour

    Ashley said...

    The picture of your bro cracked me up!

    Great list!

    Annie said...

    So cool that you have 4 furbabies!

    And lazy sunday afternoons are really the best aren't they!

    MoonNStarMommy said...

    Your blog is adorable :D I love those memes ... gives readers a little insight into who you are :D Chapstick is the bomb btw... and Love the picture. I have a picture of my oldest, my 9 yr old and I after my 9 yr old was born (itty bitty)...the day after we brought him home, we had company stopping in all day to see the amazing itty bitty (he was 3lbs 10oz when we brought him home) ... and I had Noah (the baby) curled up in my arms, and my oldest (who was 6 at the time) had curled up behind my legs, and we were all sleeping. Just reminded me of that moment...

    Stopping by via Comment Hour...

    Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

    Haha! That caption for your brothers photo is too funny!

    Mimzy Wimzy said...

    The "armadillo poo" comment made me giggle!! We don't have armadillo roaming around where we live. Last year in Florida I saw a dead one along the road and got super excited. {Not that it was dead, just because I saw a real one!}

    Amy said...

    Absolutely love your title and I'm a coke zero addict too!

    Visiting (finally!) from commenthour

    Jessica.B said...

    Your house looks kind of like mine would if I were able to participate in a lazy sunday. lol. My fur babies are much larger though. Take up much more room. lol... & don't hate on my but I've never tried a Coke Zero- will def. have to add that to my 'to try' list though.
    Have a great weekend!

    Jennifer said...

    oh gosh girl.. my hubs recently discovered coke zero and he is such a fiend with that stuff! its hilarious!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

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