Thursday, April 14, 2011

I've Become My Mother.

Please excuse the tardiness of today's post.  I was busy.

When I typed the above sentences, I immediately knew what today's post would be about.  You see, growing up, anytime I was late to school, my mom wrote the exact same letter to turn in to the teacher.

Please excuse Heather for being absent.  She was sick.

Please excuse Heather for being tardy.  She was sick.

Please excuse Heather for having frizzy hair and huge glasses.  She is sick.

...she probably did write that last one at some point during elementary school.  *sigh*

In the past (less than) 24 hours since I started helping out with my siblings for the week, I've found myself sounding more and more like my mom.

Turn off the TV and do your homework!

This is not a discussion.  This is me telling you to do your homework.

I will take you to get froyo if you do your homework.

Okay, well mom doesn't usually resort to bribery.  

But I am trying to keep my rep as the cool sister.

A couple others that I'm SURE other families don't say:

Please don't tell your teacher I said that.

No, I will not leave you home alone for a weekend.  Do you think I'm crazy?

Please put your shirt back on and stop flexing!


Rebekah said...

Haha, this is hilarious. School age children and homework is a tough combo! I think it's true though, at some point we all become our mothers.

tara said...

LOL to "put your shirt back on.." so funny!

Meg O. said...

LOL. Too funny! You sound like an awesome big sis! I sometimes catch myself saying things my mother says... like "That's right up your alley!".... and I cringe.

Michelle said...

Hilarious!!! I msut sound like my mother and my old teachers on a daily basis. Instead of saying, "Put your shirt back on and stop flexing" I have to say, "Pull up your pants. How do you walk with your pants sagging down? No one wants to see your boxers!" and "Please stop making out in front of my classroom. She doesn't need ANOTHER hickey." Have a good weekend!

Tatiana said...

haha, that skirt one just cracked me up! I sometimes wonder if i'm going to turn into my mother when my kids are at their teenage years. haha

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