Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Weekend Recap

Friday Night
The hubby and I were pretty exhausted from the week, and I had an early meeting Saturday morning, so we had a movie/pizza date.  We had The Other Guys on Netflix, and found it pretty funny.

 "At age 11, I audited my parents. Believe me, there were some discrepancies, and I was grounded." -Will Ferrell

I crawled out of bed at 5:40 and went to a meeting for my March 26 bride, to iron out the final details before her wedding.  I went straight from there to Rice University for ceremony setup for that day's wedding.

The wedding was gorgeous.  I will post professional pictures on my company's blog once they're available.

On the way from the ceremony to the reception, I had car problems that resulted in a slight meltdown on my part.  I sat in the middle of the road on campus at Rice and cried for about 10 minutes.  But with the help of my hubby and his dad, I finally got it going again and was on my way.

For the reception, my sole job was manning the kids' room, which was fabulous.  I got to play with some of the cutest kids.  It helped with that babyitis I mentioned last week.

After the wedding, I hightailed it to the rodeo to meet up with my best friends Julie & Jen to see Gary Allen.  We had a blast.  I will probably do a separate post on that later, once I've stolen some of their pictures.  Remind me to tell you about the gorgeous new country singer we caught performing after the rodeo.

On Sunday, I slept a ridiculous amount (until 1:30 p.m.) before the hubby made me get up and do chores.  Seriously, I'm interviewing housekeepers this week.  After that, we met some friends for dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings, before heading home to hit the hay.

For those of you that follow me on Twitter, first of all, you're awesome.  Second of all, this is the point in my weekend that my Tweets took on an angry tone.

I checked my email and found that some plans I'd made weren't going to work out.  I was very frustrated, because I had very little notice to resolve the situation.  I slept horribly that night, which led to the crankiness yesterday.  Luckily, some wonderful people seem to be really coming through to help out and all is well.

I really only mention this so I can say thank you to those of you who Tweeted or commented to check on me.  Y'all are too sweet!  I kinda like you guys.

Also, a special thank you to my husband who tolerated my crankiness/delirium yesterday.  And maybe the occasional temper tantrum.  I kinda like you too.


TexaGermaNadian said...

What a fun weekend! I am still sad I am missing the rodeo. And we have yet to watch "the other guys" need to put that on our must see list! :)

Miss Lindsay said...

I've wanted to see that movie!!

Amber said...

I want in on your wedding business. I've always dreamed of being a wedding planner. I love looking at all the stuff. I could go on forever. So, hire me? :)
And, ya know.. I kinda like you too!!

Michelle said...

Hi Heather! New follower! Found your blog via Tara at Fabulous but Evil! (Email Thread)

Love your pics for Target Tuesday, by the way!

Meg O. said...

Hey Heather! You're a wedding planner? That is so much fun! And hey, you're allowed a meltdown every now and then. And honestly, I sometimes use my twitter to vent. I really don't post much on facebook since people who update their status every five seconds tends to get irritating. I haven't been to the rodeo this year! I feel like I'm missing out! Maybe I can swing it...

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