Friday, March 11, 2011

Jamaica: Part 3

Our last night in Jamaica we ate a restaurant named Neptune's.They served Mediterranean fare and were very popular, so there was a wait.  We sat by the pool and sipped wine for a bit.  Okay, *I* drank wine.  The husband had Red Stripe.  We were in Jamaica after all.

Then an opera singer came out and serenaded us and the other guests waiting for a table.  We really enjoyed it.  Sorry these pictures are so dark...

When we were finally seated, we were served some amazing Greek food. 

The meal was amazing and we loved every minute we were in Jamaica.  I think if we ever go back, though we'll stay a little longer.  The travel time was a little ridiculous.

I know I also promised pictures from our tour of the Dunn's River Falls, but those didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped...I'm still trying to edit and see if I can get anything usable.


Kori said...

Great photos honey! Hope you have a great weekend! I'm having a little giveaway to celebrate Spring. If you haven't already entered, please swing by! Kori xoxo

Miss Lindsay said...

I'm trying to think of where to go to dinner tonight... now I'm thinking maybe Greek.
Cute dress!

Megan said...

YUM!! That sounds amazing. Y'all are such an adorable couple!!

Megan said...

By the way, how cool that we both went to the same place on our honeymoons!!

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