Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What is it with Fridays?

Okay, so it appears there's something about Fridays...

Last Friday, I took the afternoon off from work so I could get ready to attend a local charity banquet. I treated myself to a mani/pedi at my favorite salon (I even sprung for that new gel polish) and I headed home with plans for a bubble bath and face mask.

However, I got home and my plans changed fast. As I walked to the door, I glanced at the backyard. Something wasn't right. I head inside and grab my rainboots, groaning to myself about how they're sure to ruin my brand new pedicure. I trek to the back of our lot to confirm what I'd thought: Hank dug up my new peach tree.

There was dirt everywhere and my tiny tree was laying in the yard. He'd even cut the string that tied the tree to stakes.

I groan some more but after further investigation, I determined the tree wasn't out of the ground for too long. So I rush to grab a shovel and more potting soil and replant the poor tree. I retied the stakes as I asked Hank repeatedly "why?!".

Of course, our plan is to have the trees fenced off with my vegetable garden once the railroad ties are set. So this shouldn't be a problem in the future.

After cleaning myself off, confirming my pedicure was still unharmed, and cleaning Hank's muddy paws, we went inside to start getting dressed. Yes, I said "we". I wasn't giving him the chance to do it again.

I opted for a quick shower instead of the originally planned bubble bath. Then I laid out my outfit. I'm proud to say I spent less than $70 on the total outfit.

  1. Dress: The dress was a Ross purchase. Originally $34.99, I paid $9.99.
  2. Shoes: Gianni Bini. I don't remember the original price but I paid $30.00 at Macy's.
  3. Tights: New York & Co. $12.95
  4. Jewelry: Forever 21. Necklace $6.80, Earrings $4.80
I ended up adding a black cardigan I already owned and was very happy with the over all look. And I had a blast at the banquet.

If you're interested in the charity, here's their site.


Tara said...

hahaha our backyard is filled with holes that sammy has dug! and that's a very cute outfit! love getting good deals like that!

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