Friday, February 11, 2011

What I {LOVE} about my friends is...

Chaos Theory

They're always here for me. Ever since the 2nd grade.

Julie's 21st Birthday, November 2005

They're awesome (former) roommates.

Angela & I at a Rockets game, January 2011

They celebrated with me before my big day.

Bachelorette Party, January 2010

They're also awesome business partners.

Jessica N.'s wedding, June 2010

They'll be around for (at least!) another 19 years.

Jen's Rehearsal Dinner, March 2010


Rachel said...

LOVE this! What in the world would we do without friends?! I surely don't know. I'd be lost. Love the pictures :) Hope you have a fantastic Friday!

Amber said...

Gawd, you look like you have some fun friends! :)

Kelly@Kelly's Avenue said...

Love your blog
New follower

Caroline Henley said...

love this! great friends make everything so much better!! are you from Houston?? I saw the Rockets shirt :) I used to work for them!

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