Saturday, February 12, 2011

Seriously, Friday...?

Dear Fridays,
That's it. It doesn't even feel like you're making an effort for
us to have a good relationship. Even Monday is doing better than you are. We're through.



So I know I whined the past couple Fridays for various (mostly silly) reasons. But this Friday takes the cake.

It all started at lunch. Husband and I were waiting for our food at a local Mexican restaurant when I receive a text from our housekeeper:

I put a bowl and a rug in the kitchen. There is a bubble in the ceiling that is leaking.


So the husband jumps up to go to the house to check everything out, leaving me at the restaurant without a vehicle. I ask our waiter to pack up our food and call my Grandma to pick me up. She laughed the whole way there, because she was sure it looked like we'd had a fight and the hubby had left me in the restaurant.

After getting back to the office, I begin to call local plumbers. It took about 357 calls to find someone who could get to the house. When he got there, he confirmed that our pipes had burst. Stupid weather.

Luckily, it was an inexpensive fix and we already have the sheetrock guys coming out Monday to fix the rest of the mess. But for now, this is what our kitchen ceiling looks like...

And the utility room...

Classy. Really classy.


Tara said...

what a fun little surprise! haha. glad it was an inexpensive fix!

Amber said...

Oh my goodness!! That's awful. Ditto to Tara.. Thank God it was inexpensive!

Tales of a Hockey Wife said...

You are lucky that was all the least you have a since of humor about it!

Caroline Henley said...

ughhh this sounds like the worst! I am so sorry! hopefully this Friday will be better for you! :)

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