Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Our eventful wedding night...

I hope you didn't run away immediately when you saw this title. It's nothing like you think.

I should start by saying that our wedding was perfect. While I did stress over some of the details leading up to the big day, everything came together exactly how I wanted it. But some things, you just can't control...

We said our vows. We danced. We ate. We laughed. Then, I started to feel it. A headache. The kind that is closely followed by a migraine.

It was already late in the evening, so I told our amazing wedding coordinator we were ready to go. I pasted a huge smile on my face and we drove away into the night. None of our guests or wedding party even knew I was sick until we returned from the honeymoon.

We had about a 25 minute drive from the Ranch where we married to the cabin we stayed in. About halfway there, driving down a cute country road, I told the husband:

Pull over NOW!

Thankfully the husband listened and reacted quickly, so I was able to open the door, rearrange my dress, and puke. I then requested that he husband undo the back of my dress and corset, as they were not helping the situation at all.

We stopped a couple more times on the way to the cabin, but made it there without any damage to the dress. That was my biggest priority. Once there, I ran inside, holding up my still unzipped dress and shut myself in the bathroom for the next hour, before crawling into bed with a horrible headache.

The only reason for this migraine is a lack of sleep. There were a couple cats outside my bedroom window the night before, having a good time, if ya know what I mean... I'm just glad the exhaustion didn't hit me until late in the evening and also that it didn't happen on our actual honeymoon.

But I can only imagine what the innkeepers must have thought, seeing me run into the cabin, holding my dress up along the way.


Tara said...

ugh. vomitting on the wedding night is never good!

Miss Lindsay said...

Haha... not what I thought this would be about. At least you didn't ruin the dress??
Vineyard Loveknots

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