Thursday, February 24, 2011

Meet the Furbabies: Duke

I got this sweet furbaby my Senior year of college. My school had a very strict policy about pets (they're not allowed). But when I saw this sweet face, I couldn't resist.

My best friend and I drove to Conroe to check out a litter of Schnoodles (Schnauzer/Poodle mix). When we arrived, we were greeted by the most hyper puppies I'd ever seen. I asked the owner which one was the least rambunctious. She told me the black one (the others were silver). I picked out the black puppy and set him on the floor. He proceeded to run as fast as can, in circles, around the room, as I stared with my jaw dropped. He ended his performance by sliding face first into the wall. That's when I first knew he was meant to be with me. This is now affectionately referred to as the Schnoodle Zoom.

I hid him in my on campus apartment for a couple months until the lease was up. In hindsight, I think the management just really didn't want to catch me. That stinker barked nonstop when I was gone.

His favorite activities now include: fetching the tennis ball, picking fights with the neighbor dog, getting his butt whooped by the neighbor dog, belly rubs, and cuddling. He's definitely a momma's boy. But he wouldn't want me to tell you that.


Tara said...

Awww what a cutie! Maybe if we had put Sammy through training at petsmart then he would more well-behaved? Haha.

Cait said...

just came across your blog! it's seriously so great! what a cutie!

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