Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"Eye" Don't Like You Much...

cool green eye

I went to a new eye doctor yesterday. To say I loved her would put it mildly. My old doctor was a bit of a jerk. I once complained to the nurse of dry eyes. The 30 seconds the doctor spent in the room played out like this:

Nurse: She said she has dry eyes. But I can't find anything wrong.

Doctor (to nurse): She obviously sleeps with her contacts in. That would be the cause.

Me (to doctor): I have worn contacts since the 5th grade and have never slept with them in.

Doctor (to nurse): Put in her chart that she should stop sleeping with her contacts in. That'll solve the problem.

Me: *high pitched screeching, followed by head exploding*

That actually was not the last time I visited him. He was the only doctor in town that handle astigmatism for a while. Not anymore...

The new doctor was great. She had to have spent at least 30 minutes in the room with me. She confirmed that my dry eyes were from staring at a computer screen too much. Whoops.

As soon as I have the dryness under control, I am a candidate for Lasik. My mom had the surgery performed a couple months ago and loves it. What are your Lasik thoughts?


Lisa said...

If I was a canidate I would do it for sure :)

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