Friday, February 4, 2011

Ask Men's Desirable Women released their annual list of the Most Desirable Women. Part of me is offended that they list women by who's hot and who's not. Then the other part of me can't believe some of the women in the top ten. I'm a complicated woman. Don't judge.

Here are the highlights:

#91 Lea Michele
-I'm glad my Glee girls are represented on this list. I do love Ms. Rachel Berry.

#81 Diana Agron
-I equally love Ms. Quinn Fabray. I'm hearing there will be some serious shakeups once Glee returns next week! I am curious why Heather Morris didn't make the list though.

#67 Angelina Jolie
-Okay, I don't agree with this one. Ms. Jolie should definitely be higher on this list. I can't believe she was beat out by some of the women below.

#37 Nicki Minaj
-Seriously. This is one of the women beating out Angelina. Not okay.

#23 Beyonce
-I love me some B. I ran into her once at Astroworld. Literally. I should watch where I'm going. I'd like to think some of her dancing skills and general awesomeness rubbed off on me. But given my lack of coordination, I wouldn't put money on it.

#9 Anne Hathaway
-I've been a fan of Ms. Hathaway since her Princess Diaries days. I love how she's always classy.

#8 Katy Perry
-Okay, don't get me wrong. I love Katy. And I love that she married Russell Brand. And I love Teenage Dream. And I do think she's gorgeous. But she beat out Angelina?

#2 Mila Kunis
-This is actually who I would've chosen for the top honor. I've been a fan since her Jackie Berkhart days on That 70's Show. Also, I heard she may be dating Chord Overstreet. And I do love Glee.

#1 Blake Lively
-I actually haven't seen Blake in anything since the early days of Gossip Girl (I haven't watched since then), but she is a very beautiful woman. I still would've put Mila first though.

Who would you have put at #1?


andrea said...

Definitely Mila. Blake Lively is pretty and all, but I really don't get the big deal about her. Whatev. And Nikki Minaj made the list? Oh dear god, that's just awful. What were they thinking??

Jessica Brown said...

Hands down #1 should be Gisele Bundchen. Love Blake, love the Glee girls!

Amber said...

Blake is gorgeous! Nicki Minaj shouldn't have even made the list, she's so strange and her ass is totally fake!

Yes, Angelina deserved a higher spot, and I love Anne Hathaway, my BF is like in LOVE with her. Haha. :)

Tara said...

blake is gorgeous, but i would have put mila at #1!

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