Thursday, February 10, 2011

All You Need Is Love...and stylish friends.

Calling all stylish friends. And the rest of you, too. We need advice.

We want new bedroom furniture. We've actually already picked the furniture out. That's not the issue.

Before we can move new furniture in, we need to paint the bedroom. We haven't repainted since we moved in. This is how the previous owners had it painted (with their furniture, not ours):

It drives us crazy, but we focused on redecorating the other rooms first. Now's the time.

Which leads us to the issue:

Do we need to coordinate with the bathroom color?

Valspar Office Blue

If yes, what warm color would work? We want something cozy to go with dark-ish furniture.

Chaos Theory

Day Four
For Valentine's Day I {LOVE} To Bake/Cook/etc...

I love to bake sweets. All kinds of sweets. Today, I am LOVING these Valentine's Day cookies by Pioneer Woman. I must try them asap.


Jami said...

Love getting new furniture...what about a maroon color for the walls?

Chunky Knubby Navel said...

I have no furniture fashion advice for you because whenever I do try to do something fancy, the cat knocks it over or my husband puts video game crap all over it. Anyway, I saw that you joined 20sb, so I thought I'd say hi!

Amber said...

I'm with Jami... I was thinking of a maroon-ish color too. That would go good with dark furniture and look great in the bathroom!

Leah said...

I love all pioneer woman recipes!

V said...

One focus wall a warm brown and the rest a cream. Cozy written all over it! & no bathroom color does not matter. How fun and exciting. I love painting!

Courtney said...

those cookies are SO cute!! LOVE!

thank you so much for linking up again!!!

Jessica Brown said...

If you want to go a safe route for the room you could do a putty color and spice it up with beaded board. There are all sorts of different kinds and you could do one that goes up about three feet in an accent color. Then you can decorate with pictures!
And are welcome to come shopping in my closet any time ;)

Twenty-Something Blonde said...

I definitely don't think you need to completely coordinate with the bathroom color...but then again, I'm all about color! My house was ALL BEIGE when I moved in and it drove me nuts! With the blue of that bathroom, I'd do something in the yellow or green family. Maybe a pale yellow? and could go pale or bright or deep, anything green would probably go well with the blue! I also have always loved the idea of a grayish/steely blue color. But thats not extremely cozy :) unless you spice it up with pretty bedding and pillows!

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