Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Reasons I love Texas...

I mentioned on Monday that we went out of town this weekend. Here's the story:

My husband coaches my brother's high school basketball team. Last weekend they had a game in Shiner, Tx. This is about a three hour drive for us. We were almost to New Braunfels anyway, so we decided to spend the night with his mom.

For those of you who weren't blessed enough to be born in this great state, I'll give you the low down on New Braunfels... It's a small German town, with huge history. It's home to Wurstfest, a celebration of German culture (think lots of sausage and beer) and to the original Schlitterbahn water park. If you're in Texas and you want to go tubing, you head to either the Comal River or Guadalupe River, both of which run through New Braunfels.

Nearby New Braunfels is an even smaller town, called Gruene (pronounced Green). In Gruene, you'll find Gruene Hall, which offers live music year round. The walls of Gruene Hall are lined with autographed photos of all the artists who've played there. It ranged from George Strait to Willie Nelson to Jerry Jeff Walker (okay, I know I lost you there if you're not a country music fan). Next to Gruene Hall is the Gristmill, an indoor/outdoor restaurant with a gorgeous view of the Guadalupe River.

The hubby (right) and his cousin.

I love the Gristmill for many reasons...
  1. They have homemade Sangria. I love Sangria.
  2. They have live music while you wait for your table.
  3. We were seated in a rustic log room with wall-to-wall windows and a roaring fireplace for dinner.
  4. I caught the most beautiful sunset over the Guadalupe River through those huge windows.
  5. I had fudge pie for dessert. Speaking of which, if y'all really love me, you'll tie me to a treadmill.

Me, hubby, and his momma.

After dinner, we headed to my mother-in-law's house where my husband and his cousin played Cher songs while we all played cards. They sang along too. I won the card games. :)

2 Random sidenotes:
  1. I don't know what's going on with my camera. Most of my pictures came out fuzzy from this weekend. It's a Kodak EasyShare V803. Any photogs out there have some advice?
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Tara said...

Texas is the best, isn't it?

andrea said...

I love Gruene, Gruene Hall, the Gristmill, and definitely sangria. But this post made me miss all those things... It's been a couple years since I've made the trip down there, so I'm thinking this summer I might need to change that. :)

The Hockey Wife said...

I have been to all of these places, and I definitely miss the area. The weather was the cherry on top.

I found your blog on Mingle Monday...I will be back.


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