Monday, January 24, 2011

My Friday "Crisis"

Friday morning was hectic. I had to load up my dogs and drove them an hour to my parents' house before work. We headed to see the hubster's mom in New Braunfels over the weekend (I'll share more about that later), and our pooches love to spend time with my parents when we go out of town.

I remembered their food, Hank's crate, leashes, blankets, and everything those stinkers could possibly need. Driving with Hank, my 80-lb Labradoodle, is always interesting. On this particular venture, he decided he should be in the front seat. So that is where he sat the entire ride. You can't exactly argue with a dog this size while driving. It could've been worse. You know the scene in Marley & Me, where Marley is hanging halfway out the car window? Yeah, I keep my windows rolled up for that reason.

This is Hank. He's the baby of our household.

We made it to my parents' house unscathed. I lucked out and my little brother was still home to help me unload Hank's crate, and I was off to work. I got to the office and reached in the passenger seat for my purse. It wasn't there. Then I checked the back of the car. Nope.

I texted my housekeeper, who happened to be at the house, and she confirmed that I left my purse at home. At first, I was okay with this. My husband and I planned on getting lunch together so he can pay (I won't starve). It's probably not a good idea for me to be without my inhaler (asthma + me + cold weather= bad) but I'm sure I can deal. Then it hit me. My chapstick. I can't live without my chapstick.

I am very particular about my chapstick. I only use 2 brands (Carmex or Blistex) and I've applied twice since starting this post.

I checked my desk and dug through every drawer for my backup chapstick (you don't understand how addicted I am). Nothing. I checked my laptop bag. Still nothing.

Then I text my husband:

Me: No purse = no chapstick. I might not make it until 5. I may die before then.

Husband: I don't think so. We can get you some at lunch. You're a silly girl. But very cute.

Me: You won't think I'm so cute when I'm dead and I have chapped lips!

Husband: *silence*

I'd like to think that his silence indicates he was searching far and wide for a tube of Blistex to bring to his clearly suffering wife. But I'm pretty sure he read my text, rolled his eyes, said something about me being dramatic, and went back to work.

About 5 minutes later, I saw my dad. My dad always has chapstick. He's probably where I get my addiction from. Either way, crisis averted.

How was your weekend?

By the way, it's Mingle Monday over at Life of Meg!

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Laura said...

Haha! I can only use Carmex.. ever.

Kristin said...

I once drove from DC to Tampa with two cats on my lap. HAHA. Fur babies sure rule the roost. Thanks so much for becoming a Rosebud!

Missy Salsa said...

You sound like you have a thoughtful hubby. Lucky girl. Stopping by from Mingle Monday!

Jessica said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by! Sounds like you had a crazy Friday. I can completely sympathize about the no-chapstick thing. Over the summer I took a trip to Europe with my brother, but I forgot my chapstick. The first two days were horrible, and the German chapstick I bought was not cutting it at first, but it finally started working!

andrea said...

Chapstick = a rational necessity. Seriously, I've already been annoyed by how chapped my lips have been all day (even WITH the application of chapstick, womp womppp) but reading your post has made me even more annoyed, haha. Awesome? I'm a Burts Bees girl myself and, on that note, I think I need to search for a stick, STAT. MY LIPS ARE DYING.

PS: Stopping by from Meg's Mingle Monday. :) I'm a Texan, too! Yay!!

Megan said...

Hahahaha, oh my are hilarious! I'm addicted to chapstick, too! My crack of choice is Burt's Bees! I literally have one stashed everywhere!!! I can imagine your moment of freak out when you realized that you didn't have it! Thank goodness for daddy coming to save the day!

Tara said...

oh yeah, i'm majorly addicted to chapstick too!!

SeeSa said...

Yay to Mingle Monday and boo to friday crisis. But friday crisis is better than a monday on :) New blogger/follower, love getting inspiration/ideas/tips from other fun, pink loving, blondes :) Happy Monday well now tuesday!

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