Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lady Luck

Last week, my dad and my hubby went to a conference in Dallas. While they were there, my dad entered a drawing for a 2011 Ford F-150. He laughed, and told my hubby he had never won anything substantial in his life, and he wasn't gonna win this time either. Guess what my dad is currently driving?

My husband is ridiculous amounts of jealous. They ended up driving the truck back instead of flying, like they'd originally planned. This gave him plenty of time to analyze all of the truck's features. And decide he needs one.

I met them at my parents' house when they got back in town. The following conversation took place:

Me: Hi honey!

Husband: Man, that truck is so awesome.

Me: Umm...hello?

Husband: Hi. You should see all of the features. The GPS talks to you. I want one soooo bad.

Me: Would you like to kiss your wife hello?

Husband: Did you see how much room there was in the back seat? We could put the seats down and there would be more than enough room for Hank's crate, without folding it. And our luggage will fit!

Me: Yes, the truck is nice. Hi, I'm your wife.

Husband: I really really really want a truck like that. It's perfect. I just want mine in black. It's not fair.


I could sit here and pout. But, I think I'm going to purchase a lottery ticket instead. Just in case my dad's luck is hereditary.


Tara said...

wow! i cant believe he won!! how awesome is that?

V said...

That's so crazy! I never thought people acutally won those give aways! Found you through your fabulous close friend Tara who turned me onto your blog! <3

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