Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Book Club

I have decided that one of my regular posts will discuss books I have recently read. This week's book is Bulletproof Mascara, by Bethany Maines.

I found this book on the Chick Lit Club website. It was highly rated in their Pink Thong Awards in the "Best Chick Lit Mystery" category. This book covered a few of my favorite things: strong women, the color purple, and a little romance.

Nikki Lanier is a recent college graduate trying to make ends meet, whatever way she can. In order to please her overbearing mother, she attends a seminar on Carrie Mae, a nationwide makeup company. She wins a free starter kit to become a Carrie Mae salesperson. In a wild turn of events, Nikki is recruited for Carrie Mae's super secret ultra-femme crime fighting squad. The Carrie Mae girls pack gadgets (nasuea inducing breath spray, smoke bomb charm bracelet, and GPS earrings, to name a few) that would make Charlie's Angels jealous.

Overall, I would rate this book 5 out of 5 stars. I almost read it all in one sitting and enjoyed every minute of it. The next book in the series, Compact With the Devil, releases April 26.

Sadly, none of my Google searches turned up any real crime fighting makeup companies. I would totally sign up. If you're out there and reading this, pick me!

Disclaimer: I did not accept money for reviewing this book, nor did I receive the book for free. Bethany Maines, her publishers, and Carrie Mae do not know I exist.


Laura said...

LOL! I love your disclaimer!

Tara said...

sounds like i good book! i'll have to see if i can download it on my kindle!

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