Thursday, January 27, 2011

Anniversary Countdown: 24 days!

I just have a few completely random notes before my regularly scheduled blog post:
  1. V Chronicles is hosting a Forever 21 giveaway. Go check it out and enter. Mention me when you do. Please and thank you.
  2. My dear friend Carlea did a photoshoot of my equally dear friend Christi. She tells Christi's story. It's all sorts of amazing. Check it out.
  3. My brother's Eagle Court of Honor is this weekend. This is a huge deal. I'm in charge of finger foods. Do y'all have any suggestions?
  4. I got someone arrested yesterday. He was swerving all over the highway. He even swerved into the grass median.
  5. I picked up my dogs from their weekend getaway at my parents' house. It apparently rained all weekend. Getting them ready to go involved a poncho, a water hose, and mass amounts of mud. I even had to hose myself down afterward. My sister took pictures. (Not of me getting hosed down. Weirdos.) I'll share soon.
Okay, back to the silly wedding photos...

Immediately after the ceremony, we went back to the ceremony site to take pictures together and with our families. On our way there, our amazing photographer Ashley said, "hey guys, stop there and turn around!" We both obeyed. However, this is the face my husband comes up with:

After the pictures at the ceremony site, we went up to the bridal suite to take photos from the balcony. Once again, the hubby thought up his own pose...

Actually, his pose is pretty darn good. I probably should've just gotten with the program and done something myself...


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