Monday, January 17, 2011

About Me

For my first-ever blog post, I feel I should introduce myself. This is my blog, after all.
  • I am a newish-wed. It hasn't quite been a year. Almost, though.

  • I am mom to 4 fur babies. And I would happily adopt 27 more if my husband would let me.

This is Duke.
  • I am not actually blonde. Not even close. Back in Junior High, my friends used to say that due to my alleged ditziness, I should've been blonde. Thus, the name Undercover Blonde. I won't tell you how many years ago this was. But I will tell you that the AT&T Customer Service rep laughed at me the other day when he was confirming my email address (

  • I live in Texas. No, we don't have any horses, cows, or a barn. But I wish we did.

  • I love Pioneer Woman and regularly test her recipes. Some turn out better than others. I'm still learning.

  • I'm married to a 6'9" former college basketball player. Look back at the wedding photo above. I was wearing heels.

Now, having graduated college with a business degree, I feel I should share my objective for this blog. I won't lie, my objective is a little fuzzy at this time. But I'm hoping to share and record fun moments of my life and see what you have to share in return. And maybe with time, my objective will become a little more solid.


Laura said...

YEA!!!! My Husband is 6'8" so it makes me very happy to see others with tall men in their lives. I know I find joy in the random things but hey only you understand how people stare everywhere you go.

Kristi said...

I have only been reading your blog a month or so now but it is nice to look back since its only been a year! Keep it up!

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